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Hey Avis Developers,

We now have an additional way for you to build reservations with our APIs.  You can build an end-to-end reservation flow into the user-experience on your website and use our APIs for everything you need.  But there’s another route if you want to take it: Send the customer to us!
You’re probably thinking: “But that takes the customer away from my website!”  Yes, that’s true and it’s design decision you will have to make. Our Reservation APIs provide everything you need to complete a reservation.  But there’s a lot of options you need to present to the customer, for example:

  • Insurance coverages and defaults;
  • Extras like a Child Safety Seat or GPS;
  • Collecting payment and other personal information. 

Now, you have the option of sending them to to finalize their reservation. You want to keep the customer on your site for as long as possible, so we recommend you provide the UX all the way up through the selection of a particular car.  Once the customer selects the car/rate they want, you can send them off to to complete the rest.  And when you provide your unique IATA number in the handoff, we’ll make sure you get paid your commission.

Attached to this posting is a document with instructions and some sample Javascript to get you started.  Currently this is for only.  We will post additional instructions for when they are available.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.



Hi There, We will use Avis API and integrate it with our application. We have checked location, car availability and car reservation API via postman. It's working fine but i will integrate it with curl in our website. we will show the car listing on our website via car availability API. After click on book button user will redirect car detail page on Avis website. But booking URL is not getting on API. So please guide us, how to get car booking details page URL from API so that user will redirect on correct Avis car booking detail page. Thanks