Car Locations v1

Car Locations v1
Endpoint: /v1/cars/locations
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New Release

The Car Locations suite has been released. This suite contains the Location Search endpoint, which gets a list of the rental car locations based on a specified geographic keyword or coordinates. Multiple brands (Avis, Budget, Payless) can be specified in the request.

How to use it?

You could use this endpoint to provide autocomplete functionality for users that may not know their nearest rental car brand location. The request returns the nearest 3-4 locations from a given geographic coordinate pair, or the airport and neighborhood rental car locations that most closely match a given keyword. For example, if a user specifies a keyword of "Kansas City" the endpoint will return one result for the Kansas City International Airport, and two neighboorhood locations. Once the user selects a location, you can pass the corresponding location code to the Car Availability endpoint to retrieve basic rate and availability information.