Postman Collection

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We created this Postman collection for our suite of Rental Car APIs.  It includes descriptions, sample parameters and bodies, and some test code to make your life a little easier.


To get it setup to use:

  • Download the Collection.
  • Import it into Postman.
  • At the collection level for "ABG Reservation APIs" select the "..." menu and click "Edit".
  • Under "Variables" copy/paste your Client ID and Secret that were created for you when you signed up for access to our APIs.
  • Click "Update" and you're all ready to start!


To use the Collection:

  • Go to the "Get OAuth Token" API.  
  • Click "Send".  You should get a 200 response an Access Token.  The token is auto saved as a global in Postman to use with all the other APIs in the Collection.  (If you didn't get a token, check your client ID and secret)
  • Now you can use any of the other APIs.  Try "Car Locations" next.  Just change the Params and click "Send".


If you have any issues with the Collection, let us know.



I am getting token successfully  created in postman , but when I access Car Location


it gives me error  : 403 Forbidden



    "description""wrong client_id or client_secret"