Terms and Conditions for Renters

Technical Support community

With each car rental, there are certain terms and conditions that renters need to understand. These include terms for the rental and for the rental location.

When you make an Availability or Rate request, there is a "terms" item returned in the response.  It is important to make an API request to the "method" to get the full terms and conditions to present to the renter for their acceptance.  Here's how it works:


  • Make an Availability request.  Here's a sample:


  • You'll get a "terms" item in the response.  It looks like this:
       "terms": [
           "type": "location",
           "method": "GET",
           "endpoint": "https://stage.abgapiservices.com/terms/v1/location/Avis/US/DEN/en_US"


  • Setup another API request using the "endpoint" you get from "terms".  Setup the "header" the same way you did for the "Availability" request by including your "client_id", "Content-Type" and "Authorization" items.


  • The response to this "terms" request is a set of terms, along with HTML tags, that you can present to users on your web page to review and accept.


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